Five years ago I came to RC sailing from sailing full size yachts and regret that I didn’t try it 20 years earlier. I started out with a 25 year old IOM, built by Squire Kay, that was well past its best and really not a good start. I then bought a second hand IOM by Barry Chisam, an ASBO, which I used to learn how to sail. I then bought a new Sedici, an Italian boat with an impressive pedigree. I had to wait around 14 months which was less than ideal.

Our primary goal is to bring an affordable, modern design, IOM to the market with rapid delivery for self assembly and finishing.

As an engineer, I’ve always been aware of innovations and became aware of the potential for 3D printing to rewrite the story of building IOM boats. From the placing of an order with the large, prominent manufacturers, it can take anywhere from 4 months to over 2 years to get the boat into the hands of the owner and the costs can easily spiral towards and beyond £3000

Using 3D printing, we believe, it is quite possible to shorten the order process to just a few weeks and get many more IOM yachts into the hands of skippers at price that is much more reasonable.

For the moment the best way to contact me is to use the contact form on this website.

I’ve looked at many IOM 3D printed designs over the past 3 years and virtually every one made the hull and then stuck the keelbox and strengthening inside the hull. I was looking for a design that incorporated the hull internals at the time of printing.

I’ve long been an admirer of Neil Deverell’s innovative ‘wave piercing’ designs. When he launched his D5 and then the 3D printed D6 with all internals printed at the outset it was an easy choice. I started talking with Neil and before long I had printed my first D6.

D6.1 – We recommend that you finish in White not Red. It will become obvious why once you start polishing!!!


We are working on several fin designs. Parallel, tapered and wine glass forms. All use the same head fitting and will be available very shortly. As fins are critical to the performance of any boat we are now supplying Dave Creed fins and rudders as an option.