We are delighted to have agreed to print the Alioth IOM under licence.

The kit of parts comprises 3 hull sections, centre section insert and radio pot lid, aft hatch, rudder servo mount, various sail winch mounts, rib/fore-deck reinforcement strut, mast recess and associated shroud reinforcement points, 3d printed bow bumper mould. Plus 3d printed mast plugs and fin screw reinforcement. You’ll also need a carbon fibre fin, rudder and ballast bulb. The designer recommended fin, rudder and ballast bulb are generally available to order and a 8 week lead time is normal but that is reducing as the manufacturing processes get faster.

Number 40 is My Alioth

Costs are:

Alioth Licence, 3D printed hull kit and associated components – £375 £310 – introductory offer price

Fin, Rudder and Ballast – Carbon Fibre Fin, Rudder and Fully finished Ballast bulb £375